Rija & Carole, Paris

Rija discovered ballroom dancing when he was fifteen and hasn’t stopped dancing ever since. He took his first lindy hop class in Grenoble (France) in 2008 and has travelled all over the world to get more experience. He has since then taught in several cities in France and he is a major actor of the lindy hop scene in Paris.
You will easily recognize him on the dance floor with his unique groove and musicality.
Rija will help you to improve your technique with his original moves and he will also challenge your creativity. Among that, Rija is passionate competitor and has won several competition in lindy hop and in blues

Carole has been passionate about dance and Swing music since her youngest age, a natural attraction that quickly pushes her to take the road of Boogie Woogie competitions in France and Europe. It was only in 2014 that she discovered Lindy Hop in search of novelty and inspiration. Her favorite thing is the social dancing as she is able to connect and create something with her partner and enjoy this music she loves. Very quickly, this interest in couple dancing also allowed her to realize the importance and positive impact of solo dance. Indeed, it’s a unique opportunity to enrich her dance with a better freedom of interpretation, expand her vocabulary and make a connection to the origins of this dance. In 2016, Carole began to teach, driven by the desire to share her passion while continuing to train as a dancer and as a teacher. Carole is an organic and passionate dancer who will not leave you insensitive and could even inspire you by watching her dance.

Katrin & Philipp, Reichenau

„Lindy Hop ist für uns mehr als ein gemeinsames Hobby. Swing ist für uns ein fester Bestandteil in unserem Leben. Sei es die Musik, die Kleidung, das Umfeld – wir saugen alles auf, was es zu unserem Lieblingstanz gibt und sind ständig davon umgeben. Wir lieben die Mode, die großen Musiker wie Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie und Louis Armstrong sowie die großen Tänzer von heute und damals. Was uns dabei so begeistert, wollen wir gerne weiter tragen und auch andere an dieser tollen Energie teilhaben lassen. Swing Tanz fordert, macht glücklich und ist sehr lebendig und gesellig. Wir genießen diese besonderen Momente auf der Tanzfläche, wenn sich das Gelernte auf einmal zusammenfügt und man gemeinsam was großartiges und mitreißendes schafft.“